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Here you will find important information about our server network.
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Your Network

We are the Network that work for and with you!

Of course we have economic goals such as development and cost reduction. The most important goal is to do positive social work.
Building a “Core-Unit” is also important to us :3


We provide a free TeamSpeak server for voice communication.
>Join Now<  or use this address: “CoreUnit.NET”

We have our own programmed level and support system.
Many active and helpful team members are waiting for you.

…The team is waiting to answer your questions and play games with you…

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We provide a Discord Group for voice communication.
>Join Now via the Browser< or use this code in the APP: “JRXRJ2”

Find friends, see what they play and get involved …
That and much more awaits you at Discord, with CoreUnit.NET.

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Promotion is important for users!
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